Launched in 2012, STEM YES! was created to provide students who are underserved, from underrepresented groups, and have disabilities, the opportunity to gain hands-on project-based experiences and workplace learning opportunities with local employers to prepare them to enter high wage careers in STEM and explore business practices with local employers.

For students

Within the two week program period, students participate:
  • Youth work in small groups, mentored by a STEM business professional, to design and develop a business plan for a STEM business and present their plan on the final program day to business professionals for feedback on the viability of their plan.
  • Interactive classroom instruction, taught by STEM business professionals, on core business practices including marketing, finance, business development, research and product development, information technology and human resources.
  • Small-groups participate in hands-on learning on-site at partnering STEM business locations, where they work with STEM professionals to learn business practices and further develop their business plans.
  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW) interactive STEM workshop
  • Career and college preparation activities including a campus tour and business etiquette lunch sponsored by Butler University, a Dress for Success workshop by Banana Republic, and resume development and mock job interviews.

For employers

How to participate as an Employer:
  • Small group (6 students per group) STEM business plan development and presentation. We need passionate STEM business professional to be speakers in helping STEM YES! participants, to develop a STEM business plan. Students present projects at end of program for feedback.
  • Interactive classroom instruction on core business practices. We need STEM business professionals to share and help students learn core business practices including marketing, finance, business development, research and product development, information technology and human resources.
  • Hands-on learning at STEM businesses (6 Indianapolis businesses each host 12 students) We need employers who are passionate about exposing underrepresented Central Indiana Students in grades 10-12. Small groups meet at STEM business partner locations to experience hands-on business practices and work with STEM professionals to develop STEM business plan project.

 “My experience with the camp so far is amazing. I’ve had a lot of fun with my friends. I am also gaining a lot of knowledge through this camp. This confirms that I want to be an Engineer. This camp is great, I love it.”

James Highsaw Jr.

 “The program was awesome. Sam really enjoyed every minute. Thank you for such a solid educational experience that could not be duplicated in the regular high school classroom.”

Valerie Hardeman — STEM YES! Program – Parent

 What do you like about the camp?
“I like the job shadows and the food here. I also really like building the robots.”
What would you change?
I wish we did other things besides Vex and Go-IT. Since we do it for so long it can get really boring. You can get frustrated easily and it is tiring.

Nia Simmons

 “My experience with DEI has been interesting, exciting and educational. There are a lot of things that I learnt and think will be useful in my life such as public speaking/presenting, been social and taking opportunities when they present themselves.

It was very interesting to learn about the types of energies and their qualities such as how wind is the best renewable source and what solar plates are made of (Silicon). Unfortunately, I was unable to attend my Job Shadow but the one I ended up going was also a great experience.

I am glad that I came to these two programs (despite the fact that they took up 37% of my summer). The people here realize how important these skills are and so they encourage us to know and demonstrate these skills in our life. For this, I thank them.”

Dakyz Howard

“The STEM YES! program was very enriching and allowed me to learn about the corporate world and meet new people. It showed me that it is possible for me to prosper in my profession of choice. I recommend the STEM YES!­­ program to all High School students in the greater Indianapolis area. Thank you, STEM YES!­­”

Moses Gentry — STEM YES!­­ Program – Participant

 “When I walked into Duke, I thought it would just be construction but after we went to the office and had stations and we are speaking to different people and I spoke to a pre-construction manager. He told me that Architects do a lot with design and modelling of buildings and that is when it clicked, and I realized that is exactly what I want and I want to further that study and education at Ball State University.”

Jacob Jillani

 “I would like to say thank you for having me at this camp. At first, I thought this camp was going to be boring but as the days went by things started to get better. I made new friends and learnt a lot of things like: The Steps of Design Thinking, their empathy, define the problem, ideate, create a prototype and test.
I also learn more about teamwork and how three heads are better than one. One thing that I really liked was the Job Shadow at BSA. I learnt a couple things like how plumbing engineers use technology to create a pipe system, how they evolved from drawing to using technology. I really enjoyed the two weeks I have been here and hopefully I will be able to be here next year.”

Alaynce Holmes