Workplace Simulation Programs (WSPs)

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The Workplace Simulation Program is a project in which we bring Central and Southern Indiana employers and schools together to show underrepresented and underexposed students what a career in STEM looks like.

This program allows the students to apply their classroom learning to a real STEM problem during school hours and under the guidance and mentorship of STEM professionals. Additionally, while in the Workplace Simulation Program, students learn professional standards and employability skills.

How do WSPs work?


After getting a commitment from the employer and school, DirectEmployers Institute (DEI) facilitates a meeting with them to review the project scope, goals, objectives, and timelines.


At this stage, DEI dedicates a project manager to the WSP who meets with the school and employer to establish how we will run the project, track problems, and document action items.


Together, DEI, the school, and the employer begin to develop project-based learning modules that replicate actual business processes at the employer partner’s workplace and that are appropriate for students.


DEI works with the school and employer to create a space within the school that authentically reflects the employer’s workspace while beginning to introduce the school’s students to the WSP.


This stage involves the final review of the WSP to ensure that it is ready for a successful launch. All initial training and class prep materials are completed.


The WSP is live! During this stage, DEI continues to support the WSP while the employer and school take the lead on bringing learning to life for the students we serve.

Workplace Simulation Program

Learn about new STEM career options and gain hands on STEM skills and experience.
Learn employability and professional skills.
Get noticed by STEM employers to get a better chance at an internship or a job.
See their child(ren) strive and succeed in novel situations.
Collaborate with staff to develop and document project-based learning modules that replicate actual business processes at the STEM employers workplace and that are appropriate for their students.
Receive a hands on business simulation learning space provided to the school from DirectEmployers Institute and potentially build long term connections to STEM businesses.
STEM Employers
Ensure future talent pipeline.
Increases positive brand perception.
STEM Employees
Receive opportunity and training to mentor students interested in STEM

Awards and Nominations


  • IMPACT Award Nominee: Best Intern of the year


  • TechPoint MIRA Award – The Best of Tech in Indiana Nominee for Community Champion of the Year
  • Joan Wolfe Legacy Grant
  • IMPACT Award Winners: Non-Profit Employer of the Year
  • IMPACT Award Winners: Intern of the Year
  • Impact 100 Nominee for the #WomenGivingAs1 Annual Grant


  • Nina Mason Pulliam Trust Award for the Simulated Workplace Labs
  • TechPoint MIRA Award Runner Up for Duke Realty Corporation as Community Champion of the Year for their Simulated Workplace Lab
  • Skill UP Indiana!
  • IMPACT Award – Employer of the Year